About LJMU



Les Jeunes du Monde Unis association (LJMU) intends to think, study, debate and contribute to promote a better knowledge upon global society, particularly the social context of young adults, disseminating the values and principles that guide our members.

Its purpose is to collaborate with the global effort to solve society’s problems, for the benefit of all citizens and future generations, regardless of nationality, race, religion or social status.


According to the association’ statutes, the LJMU mission is to promote and expand knowledge, sharing experiences and promotion of humanist values in the global society, especially within young people.


This association is strictly independent of political organizations and does not support any particular political ideology.
LJMU will act with absolute independence in relation to all public and private authorities, ideologies, currents of opinion, philosophical tendencies, creeds or religions.

Its bodies – the Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Council of Ambassadors and the High Council – are the key-supporters of compliance with statutory standards, in particular their independence.

Its activity, however, it is guided by the principles of the dignity of the human person and social solidarity and the values of freedom, merit, equal opportunities, pluralism and multiculturalism.

Within LJMU activities, in particular in public debates, this association is especially focused on the recommendations for its Assembly and global society. For this purpose, in its research and discussion activities the association requires independence and exactitude in the analyses performed.

Thus, we believe we can contribute more effectively towards the improvement of present’s and future society.


Due to the LJMU’s mission, despite other necessary activities in line of its purposes, LJMU will promote events, conferences, seminars, lectures and studies, in several areas, with the purpose to disseminate, where appropriate, its analyses on the results, making public recommendations.

The conclusions and recommendations of LJMU’s work aim to foster public discussion on the topics that materialize the object of the works.


At this early stage, in order to achieve our objective, LJMU will promote debates and conferences and other initiatives that, in accordance with the highest standards of quality, allow a better understanding of the reality in which our globalized society is located.

These activities will take place periodically, organized by the Board of Directors, supported by the Board of Ambassadors and the High Council.

It is intended that the conclusions and recommendations that results from these events will be disseminated to foster further debate on major international problems and contribute to sustainability, justice, development and strengthening social cohesion.

A special emphasis will be placed on dissemination and debate. In fact, LJMU wants the results of its own research and studies to be discussed by society as widely as possible. To this end, whenever possible, the academic environment will always be included in the LJMU works through the participation of Universities and higher education institutions.

Priority Themes:

  • Society and Technological Evolution
  • Environment and Economic Development
  • The World of “Post-Truth”
  • Demographic and Food Safety
  • Social Inequalities: Values and Challenges

Headquarters Office: Madrid – Spain