Lahaouari Benarba, the President of the Les Jeunes du Monde Unis, speaking at the European Parliament.

PROFILE: Lahaouari Benarba, President of the Youth of the World United

PUBLISHED 16:49 JULY 1, 2020

A man of value and peace, carrying on the legacy of a wise lif

Lahaouari Benarba, the President of the Les Jeunes du Monde Unis (Youth of the World United) belongs to a prestigious family that has distinguished itself throughout history. Benard’s origins mark his future political ties and contribution in the development of Algeria, like his father, Taki Benarba ben Mahieddine Al Hassani, before him. This led him to join the dream of modernising and improving his country by bringing his cultural and international knowledge of politics to his native Algeria.

Born to a prestigious family in the coastal city of Oran, Benarba’s lineage comes from one of the most eminent families of the Banu Hashim, the clan of the Quraysh tribe to which the Prophet Muhammad belonged, meaning Benarba’s genealogy traces directly back to the Prophet.

His great-grandfather, five generations removed, was Prince Abd-el-Kader, the founder of the Algerian nation, a formidable military leader in the resistance against the French occupation, and creator of the modern state. The prince was a wealthy, highly cultured, and brilliant theologian, who was also one of 19th-century Algeria’s most famous politicians, writers, and philosophers who followed in the footsteps of the great medieval Andalusian poet, Ibn Arabi, who is of the same genealogy.

The son of Taki Benarba ben Mahiedinne al Hassani and Lalla Benarba Aicha, his great-grandfather, Mahieddine ben Mustafa Al Hassani, was much revered among the Hashims.

As the scion of a prestigious family, Benarba has continued his family’s tradition of outstanding scholarship, having studied art history and develops projects in Spain and the rest Europe as an expert in Arab history and culture through several European foundations. Over the course of his career, Benarba has become highly regarded as an expert of international relations, a keenly aware geopolitical analyst, and a highly regarded specialist whose commitments to achieving major international agreements are always based on ethics and universal values.

Over the past 25 years, Benarba has held various positions within the Rassemblement National Démocratique (Democratic National Rally) political party, Currently, he serves as the International Secretary of the party and is a member of the National Council. Benarba is also an honourary member of the Association of Algerian Employers and Treasurer and Vice-President of the International Democratic Centris.

A central part of Benarba’s professional life is his role as president of the international organisation Les Jeunes du Monde Unis, which focuses on promoting a better understanding of global society and its social context for young adults by disseminating the values and the principles that guide the members of the organisation. Its purpose is to collaborate on a global scale to help solve society’s problems for the benefit of all citizens and future generations, regardless of their nationality, race, religion or social status.

Les Jeunes du Monde Unis’ core mission is to promote and expand knowledge, to share experiences and promote humanist values in the global society, especially among young people. Its activities are guided by the principles and dignity of humanity and social solidarity and through the values of freedom, meritocracy, equal opportunity, pluralism, and, most importantly, peace and tolerance.

For Lahouari Benarba ben Mahiedinne al Hassani, true nobility is of the heart and mind and is a privilege that is similar to the simplicity and culture of honesty that can be acquired. it is recognised everywhere and is often worth more than fortune and talent. It only needs to be shown to triumph and only asked to exist as a culture that is not only a body of knowledge but also a particular heritage of dignity that belongs to a man who is listened to and who sees modesty as an advantage and curiosity as the spirit of kindness and nobility, which endlessly wishes to push back the frontiers of knowledge to track down the secrets of matter and life.


Headquarters Office: Madrid – Spain